Gifts for 1 year old kid Under $30

Explore a selection of affordable and engaging gifts for 1-year-old kids that are perfect for play and learning. These products are not only entertaining but also educational, making them ideal presents for curious young minds.


Gojmzo Montessori Toys

A set of Montessori-inspired educational activities to stimulate your child's development.

✔️ Promotes sensory exploration. Durable and safe for young children

❌ Some pieces may be small. Colors may fade over time


Liberry Toddler Backpack

A cute and practical backpack for toddlers to carry their toys and snacks on the go.

✔️ Adjustable shoulder straps. Durable material

❌ Limited storage space. Animal designs may vary


BAIAI Keyboard Learning Toy

An educational toy that teaches colors, numbers, and music while keeping kids engaged.

✔️ Bright and colorful design. Helps develop hand-eye coordination

❌ No volume control. Batteries not included


LUDILO Dinosaur Toddler Puzzle

A set of dinosaur-themed puzzles that encourage problem-solving and fine motor skills.

✔️ Made of high-quality materials. Engaging for young children

❌ Pieces may be too small for some kids. Limited puzzle variations


JAUNTY Montessori Ball Run

A ball run toy that teaches cause and effect while keeping kids entertained.

✔️ Easy to assemble. Helps develop fine motor skills

❌ Balls may get lost easily. Plastic construction feels flimsy


Toddlers Montessori Matching Game

A colorful matching game that enhances memory and concentration skills in young children.

✔️ Encourages independent play. Develops problem-solving abilities

❌ Cards may bend easily. Simplistic design


Lydaz Electronic Drum Machine

An interactive drum machine that introduces kids to music and rhythm in a fun way.

✔️ Portable and durable. Adjustable volume settings

❌ Buttons may be hard for small fingers to press. Limited drum sounds


Toddlers Magnetic Learning Board

A magnetic board set that promotes creativity and cognitive development in toddlers.

✔️ Easy to clean and store. Great for travel

❌ Magnets may pose a choking hazard. Not suitable for very young children


Basketball Toddler Playhouse

A cute and interactive playhouse that introduces kids to basketball in a fun way.

✔️ Encourages physical activity. Lightweight and portable

❌ Assembly required. May not be suitable for outdoor use